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KEYMACRO is the ultimate keyboard macro software for Windows. It helps to quickly create keyboard macros for Windows, edit them at runtime and even assign them to hotkeys.
KEYMACRO supports MS-DOS.bat files, VBS (Visual Basic Script) and JScript (.js) files. It automatically reads macros from the keyboard from every Windows application, including MS-DOS, Notepad, Windows Explorer, cmd.exe, Powershell, MMC, DOSBOX, DOSKEY, WinKEY, WinKEY+, CMD, ISOT, Win-E and many more. You can set up macros with keyboard combinations (chords) that will be executed upon pressing the keys that were assigned to macros. You can use the macros to automate repetitive tasks like starting, stopping or restarting programs, viewing or copying files, opening documents or folders, executing Windows system commands or anything else that you can imagine. The main features of KEYMACRO are listed below:
* Macro recording and playback
* Keyboard chords assignment to macros
* Macro editing
* Full access to Windows
* Support for advanced programming languages: VBS (Visual Basic Script), JScript (.js), VBScript (.vbs)
* Auto-detects all keyboard layouts and automatically converts keyboard mappings into the desired keyboard layout
* Configurable keyboard shortcuts, which means, when you assign a macro with shortcut, the macro will be triggered by keyboard shortcut, even if you change your keyboard layout
* Language is not specified for keyboard shortcuts. That means that keyboard shortcuts will work for any language
* Keyboard shortcut will apply to all keyboards in your system
* Display text can be specified to be displayed or not, and it can be displayed or modified at runtime. You can change text at runtime even if it has been set as read-only
* You can edit macros from the keyboard
* You can record macros as regular macros or VBS macros
* You can set up keyboard shortcuts for macros and create unlimited number of macros in each macro group.
* You can toggle macros on/off at runtime.
* You can configure your macros to be executed by hotkeys on any hotkey you like.
* You can create macros for program and documents, and launch macros using hotkey combination
* You can set your macros to be automatically launched on Windows startup.
* You can change the user interface of macros and hotkeys from the hotkeys GUI
* You can set hotkey group and hotkey combination to launch 384a16bd22

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Win Library Tool (shortened to «WinLIBT») is a simple, yet efficient utility that helps you create new libraries.

Why should you try WinLIBT?

WinLIBT allows you to create new libraries with any number of items.
The program allows you to sort items by name, type, and/or category.
Include «folders» as items.
You can customize the file names of new folders.
A highly simplified interface.
The program is a lightweight and portable utility.

How to Use WinLIBT

* Select an existing folder or create a new one and rename it.
* Optionally, you can assign a custom icon to it.
* Now you can add the library to WinLIBT’s main window.
* To add the library to the Windows Explorer, you need to select ‘Import’ in the ‘Library’ menu.
* You can search for, import and remove folders from your library.
* Existing folders can be removed. You can also add folders to the library.
* To access the library’s properties, simply click on its icon in the Explorer.
* Edit the library properties from a button-based menu.
* You can load, unload and save settings for each library separately.
* WinLIBT runs on any Windows version that supports the.NET Framework, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
* The minimum system requirements of WinLIBT are:

Purchasing WinLIBT

WinLIBT is a free download. We do not sell any software.
You can purchase WinLIBT through the regular Windows software channels.

WinLIBT is distributed through the Microsoft Windows Update mechanism. You can download the latest version at no charge through the Microsoft Windows Update website. If you do not have a Windows operating system, you can download the ISO file and burn it to a CD or DVD.Content of this podcast is under copyright by the individual guest.

Kevin Richerson — Author of «No Two People Are The Same»

Kevin was a math/science major with a minor in writing at Syracuse University. He has also pursued a writing career with his novels. He is married with two sons and a daughter-in-law. Kevin is also a songwriter and guitar player. He has always had a love of horses and plays the flute and has written many different tunes and songs.

Kevin is

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