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You play as an Elden Lord, with the goal of discovering the secret of the Lands Between. By traveling to the various unknown dungeons, you will be able to meet with other adventurers, receive new weapons, armor, and magic, and search for the secrets that lie in these hidden dungeons.
To enter these hidden dungeons, you need to venture out alone to various areas and attack the creatures that reside there. Being cautious is important, and engaging in combat with a creature that is stronger than you or has more HP than you presents you with a daunting challenge. To overcome these challenges, you will need to take advantage of your equipment and character skills to continuously execute your actions, as well as use the appropriate means to defeat these monsters and complete the quest you set out on.
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How is this expression valid in C?

while(*p &&!*q) {
if (*p ==») {
*q = ‘\0’;

I do not understand what is happening here. What is the meaning of the expression p++ and q++; in the loop?


Your expression is called «postincrement» as the value is incremented AFTER the dereferencing is done.
*p++ is exactly the same as dereferencing (pointing) to p and then incrementing by one (postincrement), so ++p is equivalent to p++.


Python xlrd : How to work with sheets instead of rows

I have a part of code used to work with txt files.
In this case, I used xlrd module to open the txt file, and the data is in the form of sheets.
How can I replace the part of the code using the xlrd to work with sheets instead of rows?
An example code is shown below
import xl


Features Key:

  • Brand New Adventure
  • Gorgeous and Dynamic Graphics
  • A Narrative Embraced by Other Players
  • Customize the Appearance of Your Character
  • Featuring Better Graphics
  • A Variety of Different Skills to Master
  • The Epic Drama and Journey of a Journeyman
  • Unique and Immersive Action Combat
  • Elden Ring — Fantasy Adventure Online


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    Elden Ring Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code Free (Final 2022)

    — Reviewers expecting a traditional fantasy RPG adventure receive a journey filled with new twists and turns
    (Eiji Takei, G-Shock News)
    — Fantastic character customization
    — The player-driven story is simply gorgeous
    — Wonderful storyline, detailed world building, interesting characters
    — An amazingly designed world full of awesomeness
    — An impeccable combat system that takes advantage of the technology of the time
    — An interesting combat system with dungeons and board style
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    Elden Ring Free


    5 Heroes and 3 Dimensional Story
    5 Heroes who were able to save the Lands Between from Elden Kings, the reason they have been forgotten and sealed away in the land where none of their memories exist and no one remembers the Elden Ring. Awakening them is your true goal.
    3Dimensional Story
    The Lands Between is split into many areas. In every area, there are various situations that you have to face. In the depths of the Lands Between, there is a Dungeon Master.

    Hero Customization

    Customize your character by combining the weapons, armor, and magic of the Heroes.

    Hero Development

    I’m sure they’ll be inspired, because this’ll be the last of the main Heroes that I’ll make.

    In the story, they will go through a process of developing from the Hero they were when they reached the Lands Between. However, their abilities will slowly increase, as well as the strength of their Hero’s armor.

    In every story chapter, have the Heroes you play be in various situations and have it change depending on each Hero’s development.

    As you go through the story, you’ll have your Hero’s development process in mind and experience it firsthand.

    Also, there will be unique scenes for every Hero.

    World Environment

    5 consecutive new areas. Each area has its own atmosphere and unique scenery, and contains a variety of enemies and situations.

    Enemy Battles
    The new game starts with the Hero Battles. Battle against the forces of Elden Kings that appear in every chapter. In every battle, you can unleash overwhelming attacks, with a variety of Hero Attacks for every Hero.

    Hero Arc
    The Heroes are gradually released from the Lands Between as their memories return, and their thoughts also return. From this moment, you’ll begin the game’s story.

    Enemy Battles

    Non-linear battles that are much more easy to play. Battle with Monster Lords. Experience an interesting turn-based battle system with summoned monsters.

    Class System

    Just like other RPGs, there is a class system with a variety of summons. In this game, the Heroes have different attacks, uses, and actions depending on the class you choose.

    Characters at Level 1-50 with different classes…

    One of the main features of this game is that its class system allows players to enjoy the game with as


    What’s new:

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    The wait is finally over. Grand Theft Auto V launches next week for PS3, PC and Xbox 360, and to celebrate, Rockstar has prepared a special demo for fans who want to experience some of the game’s incredible multiplayer modes. To download, visit

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    Download Elden Ring Crack With Keygen

    How To Download ELDEN RING game

    Below will work

    How To Install

    Unpack the contents of the archive into a new directory. I recommend you create a new directory with the same name as the archive, such as


    Inside this new directory, you will find a series of sub-directories, which you may choose to move to the main directory.

    run 4.rar to start the main install

    run 1.rar to start the install for the language

    run 2.rar to start the install for the game (just for language)

    All these directories are self-extracting, meaning that you simply double click on the files and the program will extract them, taking you to the next step.

    How To Play ELDEN RING game:

    Now you can start the game by running of the exe:

    run 3.rar (to start the install for the game)

    Now you can run the game (for the first time)

    If you get an error («the executable was not found»), try to start the installer (run 3.rar) and then run the game.

    What happens if the game does not start up?

    — run the game (don’t forget to run the language installer)

    And then proceed to the next steps:

    Press the Space key to open the list of mods.

    Then press Enter to select the first item in the list, and then press Enter again.

    Choose the mod «language»

    Click «install», then select «the language».

    In the next step, you will be offered the choice of launching the language installer or the game launcher.

    Click on the first choice to launch the installer, then choose the language.

    If you already have a modpack installed, the installer will only display an error saying that the modpack is in use. If that happens, click on «open modpack» to display the load screen.

    You have now installed the language to your game.

    The game will run in a plain TARG setup, which means that it has no modpack.

    Now you have to add a modpack to


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Disconnect your Internet connection.
  • Download and install the game from link given in the crack (/crack=101/).
  • It will now begin downloading the crack. Wait until the process is complete.
  • Once downloaded, run it and have fun. 😉



    Download Link:


    System Requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bits)

    1GB RAM

    40MB free hard drive space


    € 10€






    System Requirements:

    Minimum Requirements:
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
    Windows XP
    Dual Core
    Quad Core
    Six Core
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD HD 7950
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675 / AMD Radeon R9 290
    AMD Radeon HD 8970 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
    Additional Requirements:
    DirectX 11
    2 GB RAM


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