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jDREW or Java Deductive Reasoning Engine for the Web is a highly configurable reasoning engine designed especially for definite clause reasoning.









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Java Deductive Reasoning Engine for the Web (jDREW) is a probabilistic model based engine for definite clause language (DCL) reasonng. jDREW is written in Java, and runs inside a web browser. The input language for jDREW is the standard DCL syntax with a fairly minimal set of primitives. The output language is a relatively new version of the non-probabilistic DCL output language, and it is a close syntactical relative of traditional definite clause probability networks. jDREW is very flexible in that the user can define their own rule schemas (or build and reuse those from the jDREW website). For more information about the basic API, please see the jDREW website. For more information about the enhanced API, please see the jDREW Reference Page.

See online documentation and sample applications.

jDREW is under continuous development. This version is «beta» quality.

This version requires a browser that supports Java applets. If you’re using a browser that doesn’t support Java applets, you can still use the enhanced API. The enhanced API includes DCL extensions and fixes that make it much easier to write and use jDREW based applications. For more information about the enhanced API, please see the jDREW Reference Page.

The enhanced API now supports incorporating rule schemas from the DCL website. This is the preferred way of reusing knowledge about rule schemas. For more information about incorporating rule schemas, see the jDREW User’s Guide.

Just remember to refresh the page after the system updates to the new rule schemas.

this release includes the «build» command. This command now builds the toolkit under UNIX based systems. If you don’t have the build command, you can still build the toolkit by going to the jDREW website.


A grammar rule is represented as a pattern defined in a TAPE file. Other grammars can use the same pattern to represent a different grammar rule, that is, a rule which can use complementation.

However, jDREW does not support this, and there is no plans to support it.

The reason is that adding it would require jDREW to be able to evaluate the expressions represented in each

JDREW Activation [March-2022]

In the project we are introducing several innovations into the reasoning engine. The

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to create a PHP based program to extract, edit and insert XML using a simple text editor. XML will be used for data exchange with external client using C# XmlDocument. The application can send the data to the external client and receive the response by XML so that we can have a dynamic data exchange. The use of Object

…the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) and Java Web Programmers (JWS) exams.
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jDREW implements definite clause reasoning in both pre-order and post-order depth-first manner, with the ability to create new reasoning rules. A number of features can be configured to suit a particular application. For example, jDREW has a caching mechanism for the conditions, which makes it well suited for use with long documents, since the result can be stored in the cache. Roles can be used to configure the reasoning engine to suit a particular application, with extensive examples of roles to be found in the jDREW Wiki.
jDREW has been in use for over a year, and has made considerable progress in this time, including the addition of new features and enhancements. There are many examples of the use of jDREW on the project’s Wiki. It is generally considered to be a stable system in daily use. This assessment is supported by the fact that it has not been upgraded since the release of 1.0.3.
A large number of examples of jDREW’s use, both in commercial and academic applications, are available. The system’s use in military systems is also publically known. It has also been implemented as part of the UK’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate.
Document available:
Download the latest version from the jDREW site:

Document is provided in a zip file which includes examples and a README file to describe how to use the system. The README is also provided on the jDREW site.
Document is also available here:

jDREW is a highly configurable reasoning engine designed especially for definite clause reasoning.
This is a new version of jDrew, which is a Java implementation of the DREW reasoning engine, which in turn is a declarative notation for
definite clause disjunction.
jDrew has been under active development for some time, and has made many additions and enhancements since version 1.0. There is now a user-friendly demo program called
jDREW Demos, included in the download. The main demo program (jDREW/demos.jar) has been slightly re-written to allow for more efficient processing.
Document available:
Download the latest version from the j

What’s New in the?

1. Java logic engines are becoming increasingly popular.
2. They offer a significant performance increase over hand-written Prolog
implementations for definite clause reasoning.
3. These engines are extremely powerful reasoning engines capable of
reasoning on unstructured data.
4. However, they have not been widely used in production systems due to
the lack of an IDE/Debugger for them.
5. jDREW is a highly configurable, Java-based Reasoning Engine, which
enables a user to create new rules or queries easily, without needing to
worry about the underlying platform. (Please note that the engine is
portable, and hence does not require any hard-wiring. It can easily be
used on a Microsoft Windows, Linux or Sun Solaris machine. The source
code for development/debugging can be obtained from here:
6. jDREW reasoning engine provides a powerful and scalable version of
satisfiability (SAT) problem solver. It is especially useful to
determine whether a formula is satisfiable, since that is a decision
problem in terms of the supplied functions and predicates.
7. By specifying a range for each function and predicate, the engine can
be used to solve different logic problems. If one wants to find all
solutions to a particular problem, it is also possible to use the
dynamic function to compute the solution space, and then solve the
problem exhaustively.
8. The main programming framework, called JDREW, is used to develop Java
implementations of a number of logical languages such as IC and ILOG
CLP(a). More information about the engine can be found at

9. This article describes how to use JDREW to implement a normal
resolution (NR) like algorithm, and to support data integration.
10. The following libraries are required:
1)java.util.Random — To generate random number
2)librandom.jar — We use native random number
generation inside JDREW.
11. The following random number generator is used:
1) It is not critical how the seed for the generator is generated.


System Requirements For JDREW:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10
Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz or equivalent
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz or equivalent Memory: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS
Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS Hard Drive: 7 GB
7 GB DirectX: 11
11 Sound: Yes
Yes Internet Connection: Broadband connection recommended


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