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Buying a new monitor and discovering that it can not provide you with a great viewing experience due to locked or dead pixels is always frustrating, yet there are ways to avoid such a situation right from the start, and one of them involves a small utility called InjuredPixels.
Straightforward UI and functionality
The sole purpose for which this app has been built is to allow you to spot pixels that do not work properly, along with any scratches or other similar defects that a monitor has. The tool can be used to test either a new monitor before making a purchase or an already bought one to determine whether it is fully functional or it needs replacing.
The manner in which InjuredPixels works is pretty straightforward: it fills the screen with a primary or custom color, allowing you to look for any pixels that might not match that color.
You can choose to fill the display with one of the five primary colors (namely Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White), or you can choose to go for a custom one, with a complete palette of nuances put at your disposal right from within the app.
Simple, minimal control options
Switching colors is as easy as it could be. You can either click on the screen to move to the next color, or you can take advantage of the left and right arrows on your keyboard to switch between them back and forth.
You can also choose to jump to a random custom color, to have the mouse pointer showing on the screen, and to keep the app always on top. However, given that it has been designed only for monitor screen testing, the software won't provide you with any other functionality.
In conclusion
InjuredPixels might not be able to perform complex graphical renderings, but it can still prove a useful tool when it comes to checking monitors for dead or locked pixels. It comes with a simple design and straightforward functionality in a lightweight package, which is also ready-to-use in any situation.







InjuredPixels Crack Free Download For PC Latest

InjuredPixels is an app developed with the sole purpose of providing you with the ability to spot dead and locked pixels on the screen. It allows you to display your screen on its full size as well as to analyze its content. After adding a certain custom color, the program will then show you all the pixels of that color, and even their coordinates and RGB values.
— Choose from the five RGB primary colors: Blue, Green, Red, White, and Black, or add a custom color through the hue (H), saturation (S), and value (V) sliders.
— Display your screen at full size or manually place the mouse pointer and the app on top.
— Use left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between the different colors.
— Jump to a random color (left-click on the screen).
— Set the app always on top (right-click on the screen).
— The app comes with no other functionalities.
How to run InjuredPixels:
1. Launch the software.
2. Choose a custom color or one of the four primary ones (Black, Blue, Green, Red).
3. Select the screen where you want to check for pixels.
4. Press [Start] to begin.

I have been using InjuredPixels for a few months now. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. I have been looking for a simple app to test a monitor and this is the best I have found. I have used CyberLink Paintshop Pro, Wigglez and some freeware sites but none are a replacement for InjuredPixels.

I had purchased a new display and when I started using InjuredPixels I found several dead pixels. The next day I started using Paintshop Pro and found one dead pixel. After four days I started using the app and it seems to be working fine.
I recommend InjuredPixels for everyone. It is fast, simple and effective.

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*This application is still in development. The author of this application is working on it full time and would be happy to know what you think about it.
It is possible that the application will have bugs, but the author would really like to know what you think, so that he can make the product even better.
In the FAQ you can find the answers to all your questions:
• How to install or remove
• What are InjuredPixels
• How to install InjuredPixels and share it with your friends
• Support, bug reports, etc.
InjuredPixels Questions:
Q: I get «Ignoring layout changes to view» error messages when I try to access the Settings application.
Make sure InjuredPixels is not open or running in the background. If you see InjuredPixels in the list of active apps in the Settings menu, close it and re-open the app, then try again.
Q: I was watching a movie and the next day when I start the laptop, I can see that the taskbar is acting weird. It is like it is not responding. I have to push the taskbar up again. This happens every time I start my laptop. I need a solution.
It’s probably a sign that Injured

InjuredPixels With Full Keygen

This may be just what your screen needs to get you ready for the most awesome
gaming experience in your life! This simple program will help you spot dead
or locked pixels on your monitor. You can now take advantage of the resolution
of your monitor to get the best possible result!
— Simple and easy to use
— Choose to either test your monitor in black, blue, green, red or white (for your primary color)
— Choose to either test the screen in as many lines as you see fit, or all lines
— Choose to leave the mouse cursor on the screen, or not
— Want to see all the colors at the same time? No problem, just choose a
random color from the palette and be on your way!
**IMPORTANT: This program does not do any graphical renderings, so this is
not a replacement for photo editing, it is mainly for testing. If you would
like to make a custom color, go to
for all the information you need.**


What’s new in this version:

More colors to choose from!

What’s new in version 1.0.1:

Fixed a bug that could cause crashes in mono-supporting systems

How to install InjuredPixels:

Go to
Download the zip file
Unzip it
Drag and drop the InjuredPixels folder onto the desktop
Use InjuredPixels


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What’s New in the?

— By simple design
— With minimal control
— Work on any screen
— Meets need
— Easy to operate
— Simple to use

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