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EVAS Easy OCR Crack Free Download For PC [Latest-2022]

* Automatic recognition
* Batch OCR
* Automatic tagging and sorting
* Support the recognition of various scanning machines and the recognition of various fonts
* Grammar checking
* Intelligent searching
* Supported languages
What’s new in this release:
1. Bugfixing & Improvements.
2. Changed the English version of the English/USA character set and
made other changes to the character set.
3. Changed the current English character set to the European character
set, so it now uses the Unicode range
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EVAS Easy OCR Crack + With License Code Free Download 2022

The Free OCR Reader is the most powerful and easy-to-use OCR software on the market. It enables you to convert scanned documents to text and delete unwanted images from the scanned PDF files.
Use the OCR Reader to:
Convert scanned images to editable text (PDF, TIFF, JPG or GIF)
Save scanned images as editable text (PDF, TIFF, JPG or GIF)
Recover scanned images from PDF documents (PDF)
Batch conversion of multiple PDF documents
Batch conversion of multiple images and PDF documents
Batch conversion of multiple documents, images, graphics and PDF files
Remove embedded images from scanned PDF documents (PDF)
Remove unwanted objects, images or graphics from scanned documents
Similar to an Adobe Acrobat Reader, the OCR Reader is able to:
• Recognize the images in the PDF documents
• Extract text
• Remove the unwanted parts of the text
• Reduce the size of the scanned documents
Create a PDF document from the output
Enhanced PDF reader with built-in OCR
• Recognize text within PDF documents
• Extract OCR text from PDF documents
• Extract pages from PDF documents
• Save scans as PDF documents
• Use the OCR Reader in a standalone mode
The OCR Reader can be used in two ways:
• By launching the application from the Windows Run dialog
• By creating shortcuts on the desktop.
To start a batch conversion process, just click on the Run icon in the tray area or double click on the OCR Reader.
Features of EVAS Easy OCR:
Support all popular document formats:
PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, TIFF and many more…
Extract all types of content from the PDF documents:
Images, Text, Forms
Recover all the text from the documents to save it to any file format you like
Extract graphics from images:
Works on any type of graphics including:
Vector graphics
Raster graphics
Automatically removes all unwanted objects from the images:
Text, Borders, Silhouettes, Shadows and so on…
Automatically makes corrections and compacts the image:
Reduces the image size and removes unwanted objects
Automatically corrects text errors of the scanned materials:
Reduces the time of editing the scanned documents and saves the user from typing:
Spelling errors, Grammar mistakes and more…
Automatically removes formatting from

EVAS Easy OCR Free Registration Code

— Read OCR Batch Files
— Auto Word Document Scanning for 2000 supported languages
— Easy-to-use user interface
— Fast batch scanning processing

EVAS Easy OCR Keywords
— Read a batch of scanned images
— Easy to use, easy to learn
— Fast batch processing
— Support for scanner languages 2000

Publisher of EVAS Easy OCR
— Free demo version of EVAS EVO1310 Software
— 30 day software trial
— Includes 30 days of technical support

EVAS Easy OCR Screenshot

*** EVAS Soft OCR Bulk is a powerful document converting software application that can scan and convert more than 10000 pages at a time. This software is especially suitable for business or big offices that need a bulk quantity of documents scanning and conversion for their business.

From the Quick Start screen you can select the Scanning method, including a list of your scanner’s supported models. Then click to set the paper size and adjust the settings for margins, image quality, and more. And you have the document processing options for converting the original pages to PDF, OCR, JPG, GIF, or BMP.

When your application has finished working, you can export the results directly to a new PDF file or use one of the preset templates provided. If you need the results in another format, select the desired format in the Export panel.

EVAS Soft OCR Bulk’s User Interface

*** EVAS Soft OCR Excel is an easy OCR software used for OCR (optical character recognition) of Excel and more. Main features are:

— fast high-performance OCR engine
— integration with MS Word (97-2007) with full support of Excel, Word and MS Forms
— the ability to automate OCR conversion with conditional formatting
— support of more than 100 languages
— OCR engine supports more than 30 different document file formats

— support MS Word, MS Excel, MS forms, MS Powerpoint,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.pdf

— support more than 100 languages

— 11 predefined formatting modes

— background conversion mode: image only, picture only or images and formatting

— support batch conversion

— easy to learn and use

— easily combine multiple documents into one file

*** EVAS Soft OCR Frame 1.0 is a software application

What’s New In EVAS Easy OCR?

◆ Check for spelling mistakes
◆ Batch printing
◆ Search for the text
◆ Spelling correction
◆ Rich Text
◆ Export to plain text files
◆ Export to PDF files
◆ Scan Image
◆ Page Images
◆ PDF documents
◆ Many options and options
◆ More in the adobe page
This software updates you with the latest features and functionality and makes things a lot easier for you.


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel Pentium G7200, Intel Core i3, AMD A8-3850, AMD FX-6300
Intel Pentium G7200, Intel Core i3, AMD A8-3850, AMD FX-6300 Memory: 4 GB RAM
OS: Windows 10
Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i7 4790K
Intel Core i7 4790K


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