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Last Friday saw a massive turnout across the country for the annual Spanish March Against Corruption. This year’s event was the biggest yet, with thousands of anti-corruption marchers, ranging from left to right, converging on Madrid for a massive demonstration against corruption. Marchers represented everything from local corruption to the’mega-conspiracies’ run by Spain’s politicians and financial industry. Huge amounts of public money were wasted on this protest, amounting to a rise in national debt of £12bn. There were also tens of thousands of police and riot police making arrests, and raiding homes and offices as workers and right-wing supporters of Mariano Rajoy have been targeted.

In retaliation to the unionist NUJ’s (National Union of Journalists) attempt to get these workers back under the union umbrella by making a call out for a strike, the union agreed not to call out any journalists for the actions on Tuesday. This pretty much ensures that the unionist members will be punished for their attempts to damage their bosses’ profits.

In the midst of all this, protests and protests, the Right and the Left have been clashing in the streets of Spain. Both sides have been using the police and the riot police to abuse, intimidate and break up crowds. But the Right have also been inciting all the thugs and gangsters, who are still involved in the anti-semitic ‘rapist’ attack on a Jewish woman. This is likely to lead to another bloodbath between the two sides if the violence is not contained. For the Left, it’s just another day on the streets of Spain, taking part in the huge anti-corrupción marches.

Not mentioned by the beleaguered BBC on Saturday’s News at Ten, was the fact that in Madrid, two cars were burned down and one person was killed by burning, by opposition protesters in the wake of the corruption marchers. This means that the death toll has now reached 6 since the start of the month, leaving thousands dead from the growth of the Spanish ‘Mega-Cor

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How to change the opening of a file with a generated link?

I want to have a link like:

The problem is that the link is generated from the file’s path. When I click on it, the browser opens the file, and I want the link to open the zip archive in another tab, instead of changing the current page.
Is this possible?
Thank you!



download-link — id of a element that stores download-link to.

function openInNewTab(downloadLink){
var url = downloadLink.getAttribute(‘href’);
window.open(url, «_blank»);

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