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“We wanted to create a whole new generation of digital players with the HyperMotion Technology to step into the shoes of these elite professional players,” said Matt Bilbey, Game Director. “This allows you to feel as if you are playing in a crowded stadium with the intensity and intensity of the best players in the world.”

FIFA 22 introduces the “FIFA 2.0 AI engine” that will create new and unprecedented opportunities for players to compete. Different variations of AI will allow the team to react dynamically to situations and execute smart play. The game features a new Shot Engine that focuses on the fact that you don’t have to shoot in order to have an impact on the game. In addition to being able to kick, pass, dribble and shoot, players can also use clever moves like the Dribble Dodge to create different attacking sequences.

The game also features a completely new ball physics to make controls smoother and responsive. The game now includes a motion-based control scheme to give players an intuitive experience that moves with and interacts with your body. Player controls include:

L2/R2 – Pass, Shoot, Kick

Circle Pad – Dodge, Pass, Headers

Triangle Pad – Dribble, Shoot, Control Ball

Analog stick – Speed, Acceleration

Connected gloves support allows you to perform sliders, flicks, jabs and side-to-side passes while dribbling, with the controls from a more authentic motion capture experience.

FIFA 22 will also feature all-new My Player mode, which will let you play as your favourite player from the player profiles you already own. Create your player, choose their name, their position and their initial trait, and then you can create your own goal celebrations and head to the field as your favourite player. When you’re ready, hit the Replay button to try out your creation.

FIFA 22 will launch this fall on Xbox One. Look for further information on FIFA 22 and Pre-Order details on

For more on FIFA, visit

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Career Mode Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player.
  • Player Career mode Make your player dream a reality – now you can play the game from the perspective of the world’s best players, introducing new coaching ideas, tactical innovations, and improved AI techniques.
  • Collect, trade, and elevate the world’s greatest players.
  • Build for, and compete in, FIFA tournaments, all from the comfort of your couch.
  • Partake in Your Team’s rise from the lower leagues into the Prestige League, helping to guide your club to glory.
  • Go head-to-head in the club vs. club and team vs. team modes, all from the perspective of your club using manager mode, updated Passing System.
  • Edit kits, configure stadiums, and make club history with New manager mode – Manage your team from the bench, fine-tune your tactics, and celebrate every win, as you lift the trophy for club and country!
  • Challenge the elites of the Football Virtual League.
  • Equip your players with upgraded Training Sessions.
  • Improved animation and visual fidelity of both stadium and player models makes FIFA a truly immersive football experience.
  • Iconic world-class stadiums, all faithfully recreated, including historic Allianz Arena, Emirates Stadium, and more.


Fifa 22 X64 [Updated-2022]

EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 simulation sports game in the world. Play more than 350 officially licensed national teams, compete in leagues, cups and international tournaments and master new training and skill modes.


The world of EA SPORTS FIFA is uniquely yours to control with the full range of customisation features, expansive Men’s and Women’s Pro Clubs and robust Create-A-Club and Legend modes. You can play the way you want, when you want. No matter who you are or where you are, FIFA allows you to put yourself in the game.

EA SPORTS FIFA on your terms

Featuring the most authentic FIFA gameplay, FIFA is easy to learn, even for newcomers, and challenging to master. Every mode is balanced for realistic gameplay and set up to be fun for both club and casual players.


Play live matches in Campaign, Quick Match, Online Season and Online Tournaments. Live streamed action is a breeze thanks to EA SPORTS FIFA’s new player speeds and goal celebration controls.




FIFA ZONE is the one-stop shop for all your FIFA needs. It contains everything you’ll need to get set up and play great FIFA on the go, including the FIFA website to manage your Pro Clubs and leagues, the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Mobile™ Club, the All-New FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and access to the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Rewards™ mobile app.

FIFA is the Official Sports Game App of EA SPORTS™ FIFA Mobile™. Get the FIFA mobile app on Google Play or the App Store and play FIFA mobile games like Ultimate Team, Seasons, and FIFA Ultimate Stars.


Predator Slot Machine is the first in-game machine to offer the chance to win all your favourite FIFA players’ characteristics. Instantaneously transform your team with the characteristics of the greatest footballers on the planet.


EA SPORTS FIFA recognises the dedication of the global community and rewards millions of users with a brand new way to earn rewards through the World Ranking and Club World Cup. Fight your way to the top of the World Ranking and


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Download FIFA Ultimate Team, the new live service that lets fans compete to create their very own player with a unique mix of real-world and in-game coin and own their very own squad of football stars. Use your skills to develop your favourite real-life or fantasy players using an innovative form of card-based gameplay and engage in high stakes matches against friends and rivals.

FIFA 22 is available on Xbox One with a month’s subscription to EA Access and the early Play First Trials access offer. The game is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.


There’s an in-game message about “living up to your responsibilities” with the FIFA badge that you can earn. What are these responsibilities?
Your responsibilities are to yourself. It’s about being good to yourself and not exploiting others. I actually never earned a message like that when I was playing FIFA games before. Being from New Zealand, it was more important to be successful and be the best than just throw everyone away. It was easier to be selfish and make a lot of money.

Is there more of a commitment to the game with FIFA 22?
I think overall, it’s more of a commitment to the community, the fans, and the teams, and the competition and the competition level. I think it is different to be a better player, to be a more committed and better player. You know, this is the game where you’re playing for your club. It’s not just about you, it’s about your team and your club and all the people around you.

The trickier part to do well is to do well in your team. I think that a lot of people might think that, you know, just being a better person, a better person and a better player are two different things. When it comes to playing your match, I’d say that if you have the skill to be a better player, then I’d say it’s easier to be a better person as well.

I know some people might have some moral issues with being caught making money.
You know, I think it’s good for people to make money. I think that it’s been a great learning experience for me because I’m proud to know that I don’t need to exploit people. I think it


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