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· The best part is, you can copy your recovered data to a new hard drive within a few seconds. · Through Quick Recovery’s data types detection feature, you can recover almost any type of data. · GFETCh Technology helps you locate data in the extra space between partitions and creates a recover point where it finds a single file or a folder more suitable to recover data. · Choose to restore file and folder data by simply previewing the file. · Quick Recovery is ready to get your data back in minutes. · No need to worry about how to manage partitions, this Auto Repair tool does it for you. · It is free from any virus, spyware, adware or malware. For more information about this program please read the following Terms & Conditions: License Agreement Version 2.4b04 Reviews of Quick Recovery RAID for RAID 0 funklakesmith written on Thursday, 01 October 2012 I tried this to recover data from my raid0. I tried it on my husband’s PC. He is a very complete computer nerd. He has saved files on multiple hard drives over the years and on the last drive he had a raid 0 with 3 raid0-devices. he has also stored the files on an external harddrive connected to the raid0. This external harddrive has about 7 GB space. The raid was not very big, 1.65 GB total. So with 1.65 GB is was quite easy to find the files. But it was also easy to find the files on the 3 raid devices. When he tried to recover the files from the new harddrive, he could not. He had no access to the files anymore and was able to restore the data from the external harddrive. I also tried to recover the files with other software’s, without success. So it is not possible to recover files on raid0 like this. But if you know that you have the raid-construction: raid0 raid1 raid2 raid3 raid4 raid5 raid6 on the raid you want to recover, it is still possible. You need to make some informations about the raid0: Here is the informations you need to tell the software: Where is the raid? What size is the raid? How many partitions of the raid are used? how many raid-devices are there in the raid? When you can not recover

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Quick Recovery for RAID-0 Full Crack is the most powerful and reliable tool to recover DATA from RAID0. If there is a single failure in the drive or even a hardware failure. You will lose all your data. It is a fact. RAID 0 is capable of data protection of your important data, but there is a probability of data loss in case of a single drive failure. The data recovery through RAID 0 can be in either of the two ways: · Brute Force recovery · Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETCh) Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETCh) allows you to locate the lost files and folders in hard drive. The user can recover data even if the overwrited partition was put on top of it. You can locate the lost files and folders with hundreds of days of data and resume the recovery once the files are recovered. If there is any data loss for RAID 0 RAID-1 or RAID-5. You can recover the files easily. If you are having 1 or 2 hard disks then you have to keep one drive to replace it when there is failure. If the failure occurs due to corruption and data loss then the previous drive is not supported. In this situation you can use the manual or guided option of the software. You can restore your RAID-0 into RAID-1 or RAID-5 with this software. If you are having RAID 1 or 5 RAID stripe, Quick Recovery for RAID-0 Crack can help you. With the help of the software you can create new RAID array for your data. With the help of the software you can safely save the data and create a new RAID array for your use. Features of This Release: Recovery of Data: · RAID 0 · RAID 1 · RAID 5 · RAID 6 · RAID 10 · RAID 0 Logical Drives · RAID 1 Logical Drives · RAID 5 Logical Drives · RAID 6 Logical Drives · RAID 10 Logical Drives · RAID 10 Physical Drives · RAID 0-1 Unexploited Drives · RAID 0-1 Expressed Drives · RAID 0-1 Empty Drives · RAID 0-1 Nonspecific Drives · RAID 1-2 Unexploited Drives · RAID 1-2 Expressed Drives · RAID 1-2 Empty Drives · RAID b7e8fdf5c8

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iKlownSoft RAID Recovery is a fully featured, easy to use software that can recover your raid data. You may lost some or one of the disks of your RAID, if any of the disk is damaged. The problems include: Hardware RAID 0: · RAID Controller card has gone bad or the RAID configuration gets corrupted. · File Deletion. · Array Format. · Partition Table related corruption. · FAT corruption. · MFT corruption etc. · One or Two RAID hard disk damaged. · Not regenerating even after one disk replacement. Software RAID 0: · File Deletion. · Array Format. · Partition Table related corruption. · FAT corruption. · MFT corruption etc. · The drive may be missing or corrupted. You need to identify the disk drive. iKlownSoft RAID Recovery offers you a complete solution to identify the missing or damaged disk drive. The new version of iKlownSoft RAID Recovery contains many new features, in comparison with the old version. About this Version: · New Features Added for Quick Recovery Crash Recovery is the latest version of Crash Recovery (3.32). Crash Recovery 3.32 is the latest version of Crash Recovery. A new way to recover data is added. Almost all of the features that were in Crash Recovery 3.31 and Crash Recovery 3.30 are included in this version. Some of the new features added in Crash Recovery 3.32 are: 1. Crash Recovery now comes with the FREE HotFix which provides remote access to any USB drive so the tool is a very easy to use, and ideal recovery for users who may need to restore files from a USB or external drive. The FREE HotFix is automatically installed with Crash Recovery and available when you install the software. 2. Crash Recovery now comes with the Free HotFix for failed RAID0. If your RAID0 array has failed to boot, or you want to recover the data from a failed RAID0 array, this Free HotFix makes the process a breeze. This HotFix allows you to attach the failed RAID0 array and has a built in database system that allows you to select all of your RAID0 disks and/or partition and recover data from there. 3. You can now use Crash Recovery to copy your existing logs for recovery and also to create new ones. You can create new logs with the same name as the old logs, or you can create a new name. You

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