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How to use a segue to present an UIImagePickerController

I’ve got a couple of viewControllers tied together with a custom segue between them. Here’s the code for the custom segue:
@IBAction func actionButtonPressed(_ sender: UIBarButtonItem) {
performSegue(withIdentifier: «showImage», sender: self)

I need to present a UIImagePickerController from one of these two view controllers. How do I do that?
Here is the storyboard view:


If you want to present UIImagePickerController via se

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How to share ODATA with another app

I am very new in ODATA. Actually I have to share the ODATA with another application.
What i have done is that I have shared the ODATA using ODATA protocol, but I think this is not the way to share ODATA. I was going through the WCF concept and I think I can find it. Can anybody help me out in this.


OData is by design very well suited to sharing queries, and a resource structure. This makes it a great candidate for an API gateway.
The OData protocol can be used to exchange queries and data. But for sharing information and service metadata, WCF is better suited and can be used with OData. The most appropriate Service Contract, Data Contract and Message Contract between the two applications should be defined.
A working example can be found at my github repo:

Structure and expression of murine c-myc in several tissues.
A genomic clone containing the 5′ sequence of the c-myc gene was isolated from a library of P1-derived mouse genomic fragments using the purified c-myc protein as a probe. The first 4.5 kilobase pairs (kb) of the c-myc 5′ flanking region contain several structural elements. The core myc promoter (P1-myc) and the promoter from an adjacent region of the c-myc gene that is in common with the IgH VH

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