FSX — SibWings — CESSNA O-1 L-19 BIRD DOG Download [PORTABLE] For Computer 🔛

FSX — SibWings — CESSNA O-1 L-19 BIRD DOG Download [PORTABLE] For Computer 🔛


FSX — SibWings — CESSNA O-1 L-19 BIRD DOG Download For Computer

The aircraft has a typical four-bladed main wheel with rear wheel brake and electric trim (a flexing blade with a friction wheel), while typical with most tailwheel designs is the presence of a mag-lev roll bar, which serves to prevent the plane from rolling on take-off. Aircraft also include a 15 foot long micro-nose wheel (for the presence of the transmitter). The Cessna L-19 Bird Dog commands attention with its deftness, its rapier-like agility, and its rich red and gold color scheme, which is quite visually appealing. Seekers of Cessna aircraft are often attracted to this model due to its aggressive look.

The pre-release Cessna L-19 Bird Dog was immediately accepted by many as a clean and easy aircraft to fly. An airframe and engine issue do exist, which is a common issue with all post-war Cessna aircraft (the Cessna 195, for example) where the exhaust gas temperature exceeds the type limit of 250°C, for example, resulting in circuit breaker over-current, and engine overheat. For rare aircraft, such as the L-19 Bird Dog, the problem was common and acted as an effective deterrent to the aircraft in the marketplace. The problem did prove costly, from a repair standpoint, as the solution often required the dismantling of the engine, to act as a replacement. The solution to the problem was further complicated by the fact that the remedy could only be effectively accomplished during maintenance periods and not during flight.

It is worth noting that the L-19 Bird Dog uses an EN-104, type 7A3 engine, which as the L-19 Bird Dog is a part of the Cessna 170 series of aircraft and thus have a similar fuel consumption compared to other Cessna 170 models. Therefore, fuel consumption should not be a problem on this aircraft and thus the L-19 Bird Dog can be a comfortable aircraft to fly with its 30 KIAS climb speed and its high performance capabilities. Not to mention the rear wheel brakes, which decelerate the propeller so effectively.




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