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Secrets — Shaq (2004) — a Hindi thriller starring Prem Chopra, Dhananjay Chauhan, Janki Shah, Aarti Puri, Mushtaq Khan, Upasana Singh, Bobby Darling. In the film, I was able to notice such revelations of the director, which are rarely found in such films. The plot revolves around young actors who study at a local university and participate in various advertising shows.
At one of the festivals, fashion designers noticed an aspiring talented guy known as Shak Pandit, who was lucky enough to find friends in the face of an aspiring musician and actress Ismoil Shahu and movie star Bhumbakshmi. Shaq has many fans, but he is also a kind of mystery for many, around him many lose their heads.
He is an athlete and has recently won boxing and karate competitions, and it is more than just a hobby for him to walk around the city at night, outside the walls of the university. He does not interfere in the personal affairs of students, does not pay attention to anyone, he lives his own life. Ismoil likes girls, but they do not share his hobbies and his views, so they annoy him and they try not to get to know him. Shaq likes his beautiful wife Ismoil, who has become a real second half for him.
After an accident at one of these festivals, the girls press Shaq to stop his nighttime outings and end their nightly dates. But Shaq doesn’t like being rejected, so he decides to find out the reasons for the girls’ behavior.At one such concert, he meets the actress Bhukti Rhasana. Before that, they were completely unfamiliar, but circumstances still brought them together.

Ismoil and Shak fell in love with each other, but could not realize what happened. The director shows us that they are not so bad, they just don’t know what they want. They can not grow up, all that they need is recognition from parents. They must live with the awareness of who they are, and do not want to be like a bad company, which, of course, can be called bad because they do not learn, nor how to live, but only make bad deeds.
Dreams about something beautiful
Fairy tale film, but with philosophical issues. We must understand yourself, and so z



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