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How do I find out how many customers are using AutoCAD?

You can view the AutoCAD Customers Map to find out how many users are using your license of AutoCAD.

How to export a print layout in AutoCAD?

You can export a print layout in AutoCAD with File -> Export Print Layout.

Can I get AutoCAD technical support?

You can contact Autodesk Tech Support at 1-888-457-5474 or in Chat mode.

Can I get AutoCAD technical support?

You can contact Autodesk at 1-888-457-5474 or in Chat mode.

What are the components and features of AutoCAD?

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is a software package consisting of the AutoCAD application, AutoCAD LT, and a group of supporting files.

AutoCAD LT: This is the only component that must be installed on the computer or network. It is a DWG-to-DXF (DWG) converter.

AutoCAD application: This is a design and drafting application with features for creating and editing 2D and 3D drawings.

Support files: This consists of two separate components:

AutoCAD template library: This contains files of drawings created with AutoCAD, which is a free service that Autodesk provides. You can use the template library files to quickly create new drawings by using the DesignCenter.

System requirements: This includes information about how to get and use the software.

File compatibility: This includes information about how the file format of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT can be used to exchange information between users and applications.

How do I start AutoCAD?

You can start AutoCAD from the Start Menu, Desktop, or double-click on the icon for AutoCAD. For more information, see How to Start AutoCAD.

Where can I get AutoCAD documentation and training?

You can get AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT documentation and training from Autodesk and other sources. You can also obtain free training videos and tutorials.

How do I use AutoCAD in the cloud?

You can use AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT cloud for drawing, editing

AutoCAD 20.1 2022

AutoCAD’s XML file format is compatible with other Windows CAD systems such as MicroStation and other CAD systems. AutoCAD 2010 uses the Microsoft Office 2007 XML File Format.


AutoCAD XP (originally known as AutoCAD 2002 for AutoCAD) was a «technical preview» version of AutoCAD, which was released on 28 March 1999. In 2001 it was renamed to AutoCAD 2002 and was released in 2002. AutoCAD XP was the first version to include new features. The next major version, AutoCAD XP2, was released in 2004. The final release was AutoCAD 2006, released in 2006.

AutoCAD XP2 was codenamed «nautilus» internally.

AutoCAD XP2 was a major release with many changes. The user interface was changed drastically. A new type system was introduced, which uses strings as units of measurement. The old type system and units were renamed, as follows:
The old dimensions (e.g. «M» or «M3») were renamed to «D» and «M» and new dimensions were introduced.
The old units were renamed to «r» or «R» (referring to centimeters). Some dimensions use non-SI units. For instance, «CAD» used to be one-half a millimeter, but in AutoCAD XP2, it is now 1.2 cm.
A new set of units was introduced:
«A» (antimeter)

In AutoCAD XP2, the «preview» status was removed, it was made a proper release instead. A new way of creating graphics was introduced, called:
«cached graphics»

Other significant changes include a new DXF module. The name of the new DXF format was changed from «R20» to «DXF».

AutoCAD 2006

AutoCAD 2006 was released in August 2006. It introduced new features and a new user interface. It supports new object types, units of measurement, material and image management, and support for features such as multilevel editing.

AutoCAD Xpress

AutoCAD Xpress was released on 10 February 2009. It was a replacement for AutoC

AutoCAD 20.1 [Updated]


Is it possible to find number of seats available for a class based on the number of students enrolled in it?

Given students enroll in a class based on the number of seats available in the class.
Eg. if there are 100 seats available in a class and 100 students enrolled in the class, the most students can be registered to the class.
If there are only 100 seats available in a class and 200 students enroll in the class, the most students can be registered to the class.
But if there are more seats available in a class than the number of students enrolled in the class, how will it be decided which students should be in the class?
Any source would be helpful.


The trickiest aspect is whether you will permit the same student to enroll twice. That is, if the 100 students enrolled means there are 100 seats available, the only question is which student will get that seat, and not which student will get to the two seats because the 100th student already got that seat. It’s possible to work it so that the 100th student doesn’t have to be the only one who gets that seat, but the 100th student still has to be the only one who gets that seat.
In other words, you have to figure out the distribution of seats among the students, and make sure that there isn’t any danger of too many students from one class getting a seat.
Generally, this doesn’t matter much; it’s not particularly unusual to have the students from a given class get a small advantage in the seats, particularly when the seats are in a hallway and so not the most desirable places for the students.


How to get the last added row in a datagrid?

In my datagrid there is a search button, when the search is executed it is supposed to add a row into the grid. Now the problem is the first row which is searched is added but in the next searches, the last one entered is displayed.
My code is
protected void dgDefault_CellClick(object sender, DataGridCellEventArgs e)
DataGridRow dgrow = (DataGridRow)e.Row;
if (e.Column.Name == «Text»)

What’s New in the?

New Additions

On new pages, the Tag panel on the Document Setup toolbar is available for markers, styles, and annotations.

The new File task pane on the Quick Access toolbar lets you open and view files from your hard drive, from online sources, or from your online Favorites folder. The task pane also includes features to help you manage your files, such as recent documents, recently opened drawings, and recent drawings that are open.

You can now view information about your drawing on the drawing’s thumbnail in the Drafting Components and Windows Explorer panes. For example, the General tab in the Drawing Components pane shows where the layers are and where they are being used.

You can now right-click in a canvas to create a new layer with which you can then create annotative text.

You can save your work in a PDF file format.

You can view your drawing on a mobile device.

You can now add 3D objects to a new view, such as buildings and furniture.

You can place your drawing on a virtual canvas to view or edit it from any part of your drawing. You can also display the Zoom, pan, and rotate controls on the drawing canvas.

You can now enable the command bar to complete many more commands.

You can use the push/pull cursor to move objects to a new position.

You can now turn off axis pinning.

You can use Edit Objects to perform all CAD-specific edits for the selected object.

You can use the new Undo command to get rid of the most recent edit.

You can set the Undo command as the default for a group.

You can select all objects in a group.

You can add text to a group.

You can add multiple text objects to a group.

You can place blocks.

You can change the boundary distance of block snap.

You can change the boundary distance between blocks and lines.

You can make a lockable group.

You can make a drawing draft in both a new window and the drawing document.

You can add multiple tags to a tag collection.

You can add multiple tag collections.

You can update/link existing entities.

You can link multiple entities to an

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2300 @ 2.5GHz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 2GB or Intel HD 3000 or better
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: Some games require installed fonts from Steam or other vendors. If you have not installed these fonts you may need to download and install the fonts from the publisher (Nvidia: Settings/Display/

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