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There are many applications and programs on the Internet that you could use in order to manage your business. One of them is MedITEX Scheduler.
It's a neat application that helps you create appointments for your clinic, manage patients, generate reports and print them easily. It has an intuitive layout with multiple nice tools and features.
Complex but fluent graphical interface
The application installs quickly, but the demo version only allows you to create up to 50 appointments before you would be required to purchase the paid version. The split screen gives you access to multiple sections and it displays the appointment list on the main window.
It also shows you the current date and time and it has a built-in calendar that allows you to access multiple months. You can adjust the default appointment time, the waiting limit and pick from multiple colors for the interface.
Create appointments easily
You can add information on the patient, time limit, requested treatment and add notes. It allows you to create appointments for multiple doctors and check their working hours in a very intuitive way.
You can also access the calendar and view all appointments in a list, to make it easier to manage and print. It allows you to filter patients based on their preferred appointment times and create important messages inside the application.
Additional features and tools
It also allows you to manage patients in the waiting room and monitor the time they've waited before seeing the doctor. You can create separate entries for patients, with information regarding their contact details, name, health insurance and even bank account.
It also allows you to mention the person who referred them to the clinic. You can print the schedule easily and it comes with the option to create as many user accounts as you wish.
All in all, MedITEX Scheduler is a very useful and neat application for creating appointments to your clinic, patient entries and printing all sort of information.







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MedITEX Scheduler Crack Free Registration Code

This release of MedITEX Scheduler was built using Lua as a scripting language. It features many features including: Managing appointments, viewing and printing reports and creating notices and reminders. It’s an easy to use application and allows the user to create multiple doctors, multiple appointments, manage their working hours, specify appointments for patients and many more.
Key Features:
— Scheduling:
To create appointments, you can set the time and day of the appointment, the time of the day and the name of the patients.
— Database:
It contains all of your patients, including their first name, last name, gender, date of birth, home address, phone number, email, number of visits, address, appointment time and notes. It also contains all doctors and their specialties, preferred appointment times and working hours.
— Reports:
You can view the appointment list, notes, the list of patients who have received the appointment and the list of doctors.
— Import/Export:
It allows you to import appointments from a CSV file and export data to the clipboard, a text file, a PDF file or a TIFF file.
— Notifications:
It allows you to set reminders for the appointment and gives you a custom message.
— Scheduling appointments:
You can set multiple doctors, multiple appointment times, specify the days of the week and even specify days of the month. It allows you to set the requested treatment time, the time limit, the payment method and the color of the appointments.

In the current version of the MEDITHONER software the following time and cost control features are implemented:
— The list of employees
— The list of costs and resources
— The list of payments
— The list of the tasks and dates
— The calendar control of tasks
— Calculation of wages
— Calculation of salaries
— The list of orders
— The list of the customers
— The list of the invoices
— The list of the documents
— The calendar control of orders and invoices
— Management of the number of sales
— Management of the number of orders
— Sales forecast and monthly reports
— Calculation of an allowance
— Cost of employees — salary
— Profit per item
— Time control
— Time of work for each employee
— Time limit for work
— Time limit

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System Requirements For MedITEX Scheduler:

SteamOS (tested with 0.7.15)
Spoiler Warning: This guide was written with the most recent release of DDL and TSL. If you are updating to a newer version or have any questions, comment below or reach out on Twitter.

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