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What can I do with old cinnamon bun dough?

I made cinnamon bun dough on Saturday and I went to bed when the buns were completely cold and doughy. I only woke up to eat them, and they were great. I used to make cinnamon buns every week or so, but for some reason I decided not to make them for a while and my baking skills were rusty. However, I didn’t even want to use up all of the dough I made Saturday and I think that even if I’m not making buns for a while, I should freeze it. What can I do with the dough?


Bread dough just doesn’t keep well. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to eat warm bread, but it’s not going to last. Unused dough has a few options.
If you want to use it the next day…
If you want to freeze it, just put it in the fridge for 4-5 hours, then take it out and wrap in plastic wrap. Once you’re ready to bake you can defrost the dough at room temp over night or in the fridge if you like (I’ve even found that this works with a smaller bread-ball dough that you want to roll before you freeze).
You can use the dough in any bread-baking situation, though there are more open-ended uses that don’t strictly follow the recipe. Some people like to bake pancakes or muffins with it. I’ve heard that it can also be used for scones and croissants.
While this of course doesn’t work with the Cinnamon Bun recipe, it can be of use to you in other ways. You can use leftover dough to bake


Getting only one result per group — Laravel 5.3

In my Laravel 5.3 project, I have a query that in my SQL works great, but doesn’t work as expected in Laravel.
My SQL is:
SELECT o.cadastra,
FROM comentarios as o
LEFT JOIN users as u ON o.user_id =
WHERE ( o.status = ‘1’ )
AND o.clicado = ‘0’
GROUP BY o.status,,

The users table contains data such as:
id: 1
status: 0
data: null

What I’m trying to get is the most recent row for each status and data.
The problem is:
In the Users table, status 1 is submitted as 0, therefore in the first and only results, status = 0 is repeated for every result.
My Laravel code is:
$query = DB::table(‘comentarios as o’)
->join(‘users as u’, ‘o.user_id’, ‘=’, ‘’)
->where(‘o.status’, ‘=’, 1)
->where(‘o.clicado’, ‘=’, 0)
->groupBy(‘o.status’, ‘’, ‘o.clicado’)

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