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ROTH TRUCKERS was one of the earliest games that I ever played. It came on an old machine that I was given for Christmas back when I was a kid. It could only play educational games. What I remember most was the colours, graphics, features and basically everything except the game. That was all I could see when I heard about a remake of Roth Truckers called «ROTH TRUCKERS 2»

You play as the driver of a truck as you start your journey. Drive safely by using the gas pedal to go forward. The truck has two doors, a cab with seats, and you can customise the truck in the garage, with many machines for all sorts of tasks (e.g. tools, compressor, welding machine, etc.).

The road is crowded, but you can get to your destination. Many towns and villages and even a harbor await you on your journey. You can get new parts in each town, and much more upgrades for the truck.

ROTH TRUCKERS 2 Description:ROTH TRUCKERS 2 is the sequel to a truck simulation game released on the App Store in 2008 and Android Market in 2009.

ROTH TRUCKERS 2 is now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

ROTH TRUCKERS 2 follows a young boy named Mike in his dreams and struggles to return to his reality. It goes with you on his journey of trying to find his Mommy. It is an adventure to find her on a truck!

In ROTH TRUCKERS 2, players can: • Choose their favorite truck from 5 models. • Customize their truck: has more than 50 different parts. • Breathe the memories in the game as in the original by drawing your dreams in the scene with the touch, record your driving with motion or photo mode. • Rename your truck: like “Operation Fixer-upper” or “Eddie the Truck “. • Is not going to be easy at the beginning. Many obstacles will have to be overcome, such as damaged roads that need repair, speed bumps, rocks, police cars. The road won’t end as players are just beginning. There are also many friends in the game with whom you can share your truck.

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