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Just in case you needed a reference point, I am going to draw out the questions I have raised before any of you start answering.

And, yes, I know about the civil war and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation but the Democrats were never going to be forgiving of Republicans, not for this or anything else.

If the Emancipation Proclamation was declared by Lincoln and the Democrats were pushing the blood of the slaves into the river and refusing to come back, did you really think that it wasn’t going to be a devastating blow to the Democrats? And, as long as Lincoln was president, it was going to remain a devastating blow. Lincoln won’t nominate any Democrats for the Supreme Court for the rest of the lifetime of his presidency, and thus, no Democrat will have any part of the Democratic Party beyond 1881. No Democrat will be president from 1881 to 1913, making it 12 years that Lincoln will control the presidency and the Supreme Court.

I know all this, but it’s not being shown to you.

Instead, what you are being fed is that Lincoln was in the wrong and Democrats did the right thing.

That’s the big lie, and it’s a lie that is both being fed to you and being accepted as truth by you all.

And that’s what I’m addressing. It’s not that you are stupid, ignorant, or naive, or any other term you like to throw at me, but it is the fact that you are bought and paid for and so you see what you are told to see and believe what you are told to believe.

Now, to answer your questions, I have questions of my own.

Why was the white man’s back so tall? Why did women have to work to support themselves and their children? Why did some women not have all of their children to support? Why were black males enslaved? Why were black males without jobs, when blacks were working for free?

What about the slaves of the Native Americans? They seem to

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